Here I am, using photography as a therapy once more to try and express what I cannot put into words. For some reason when I live in London I can feel everything more deeply than when I’m in my confort zone in Spain, I’m happier when I’m happy, sadder when I’m sad, angrier when I’m angry and the past weeks have been tough for me. I’ve felt lost, overwhelmed and at the same time I was having the time of my life living in a place I really like, working in a school I love surrounded by amazing people and following one of my passions, autism.

Photography related, I’ve been and I still am in my lowest point, I’m stopping myself from doing what I love for some reason I can’t still comprehend and is time to stop that. For that I took my camera and tried to express some feelings through it.

I’m missing my family, I miss my grandad who passed away a few months back and I’ve been pretending I’m ok with it until now. I’m trying to find myself again but I’m still feeling alive and happy at the same time, I’m a proper emotional roller coaster right now. I cannot live focusing on the things I don’t have anymore while life keeps going and I’m missing the incredible things happening right now around me. From this exact moment I’m stopping this “feeling like shit” days and starting doing every single thing I love again, including photography.

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