Scuff+Twin Wild @ The Finsbury, London

When someone says that being a photographer is just clicking a button and that’s it or when people call themselves photographers just for taking a couple of pictures in the sunlight I always think….should I call myself a doctor for treating some scratches?

I would like them to take a camera and shoot a concert, any concert. Is not as easy as it seems, you have to fight red lights that burn every picture, smoke that makes pictures too noisy, quick movements in low light, people hitting your head when there’s no photo pit…..oh well, they’re just having fun, aren’t they? Can’t really blame them. I’m getting to a point where I’m not happy with anything I’m doing (concert related) and I really need to let my camera have a break and have a new and better one. But in the meantime I cannot stop doing what I love, capturing moments and emotions on stage even if it’s not with the best quality.

Anyway, last night I went back to the neighborhood I lived two years ago to have some fun at The Finsbury. It’s always a pleasure to see the boys in Twin Wild and hear their incredible songs. Take a look at some pictures I took of them and The Scuff.

Scuff @ The Finsbury, 25.10.2017 (full gallery clicking here)

Twin Wild @ The Finsbury, 25.10.2017 (full gallery clicking here)


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