Normandie + William Ryan Key + Grumble Bee @ Southampton 9.12.17

I travelled to Southampton in this cold winter to see some really good bands and take pictures of them @ The Joiners. Last night was one of those shows where no band or singer disappoint you and time goes quick while you have fun. I was able to enjoy some really good vocals coming from the singer of Grumble Bee and the singer of Normandie and some oldies coming from Ryan Key (Yellowcard) and the new chapter in his career where he’s experimenting a bit with the songs and, although they sound different now, they’re as good, I promise you.

I took some pictures with my lovely and dying camera. As much as I hate it for not being able to take better pictures with it I feel proud of how far I’ve come with this semi-pro camera and I’ll be sad when I upgrade my equipment early next year.

Grumble Bee @ Joiners, Southampton


William Ryan Key @ Joiners, Southampton


Normandie @ Joiners, Southampton


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