Courage My Love + New Volume @ Thousand Island, London 12.7.2018

My last show before I go on holidays to Spain was Courage My Love supporting New Volume @ Thousand Island. Both bands were great and this was my first time in this venue. Lights were quite dark most of the time which showed me how my new camera is a lot better than the one [...]

Building London II

If you know me and you've seen this post you might already know that I have an obsession with buildings. The shinier and taller they are the more I like to take pictures of them. As this week is half term and I'm on holidays (yay!) I took my camera and went for a walk this [...]

Exploring London: Barbican

Sundays are always a good excuse to grab your camera and go an explore the city. As if London doesn't have like a million different places to go that I still don't know and that are quite beautiful and interesting. Today my friend and fellow photographer Elena and I went to know more about Barbican. [...]

Normandie + William Ryan Key + Grumble Bee @ Southampton 9.12.17

I travelled to Southampton in this cold winter to see some really good bands and take pictures of them @ The Joiners. Last night was one of those shows where no band or singer disappoint you and time goes quick while you have fun. I was able to enjoy some really good vocals coming from [...]

Scuff+Twin Wild @ The Finsbury, London

When someone says that being a photographer is just clicking a button and that's it or when people call themselves photographers just for taking a couple of pictures in the sunlight I always think....should I call myself a doctor for treating some scratches? I would like them to take a camera and shoot a concert, [...]

I’m back and I still hate red lights

I'm back! Yesterday I took my dying camera (hopefully I'll save enough money to buy a new one soon) and went to take some pictures to a concert (The Collective + The Kenneths (Two years since the first time I took pictures of them and I still find their shows so entertaining and love them [...]

Photo meetup in Madrid, Spain

Last weekend, a Spanish photographer whose work I follow called Juan Gimenez and a couple more made a meetup for photographers and models. It's a good opportunity to meet fellow photographers, learn from them, share stories and your passion and see what they do that can inspire your own work. Take a look at some of [...]